Tomorrow: Speedcomp 9

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A while back I wrote a short history of hardcore chipmusic , where I outlined the proto-breakcore pioneers of Australia. As some people suggested I forgot to write about the current situation there. Which is that the lo-fi tracker hardcore is still alive and kicking. At Thematics Radio they do themed shows, and some of it is tracker hardcore with people like Hedonist, Xylocaine and Abortifacient being involved.

They also do competitions called Speedcomps. You get a bunch of samples and have 30 minutes to make a song with nothing but those samples. Here s a link to the Facebook-page of the previous one, on March 15. So yeah, now go find the link to the next one and have some fun!

Don´t forget the time difference, though. This takes place in Australia which is always one step ahead of the rest. So set the alarms, load your software…

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Do not read this if you want to be happy today.

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Wow. When life decides to get “real” then it certainly does it, no holds barred.
This afternoon i was looking forward to blogging about the difference between my total hate for organised religion, and my total love and adoration for some awesome people in my life who just happen to be religious.


At the time it seemed to matter.


But like i say, that got put into perspective with just one text.


About 5 years ago one of my best friends in the world was attacked. And i don’t just mean a black eye and some scratches. Since the moment that the police got involved she has strongly felt that they really didn’t treat her much better than they would have if she was the actual attacker, rather than the victim.


But years of struggle, and a small financial compensation later (which was another bitter struggle in itself), it seemed recently like there had at least been some kind of  closure. Even if it was a pathetic and unsatisfactory one.


But now that the attacker in question has progressed on to more crimes (from what i’ve briefly heard i can only assume rape and / or murder) and the police are fawning all over my friend, asking for, and recording every single little detail this time around. All the details that they didn’t give a shit about back when it mattered. The details that could maybe have saved a life now.


Most of the time i seem to have deluded myself that we have crawled out of the 1800′s. Out of Victorian ethics. Out of slavery. Out of the caves and mud-huts. Out of the slime of one billion B.C.


But then i hear about shit like this happening to my best friend of 25 years. I read about rape victims somewhere in the world still being forced to marry their rapists in this day and age. I read what feels like a million examples of hate for every one of love. And some think that the answer is for me to stop learning!


People wonder if and why i’m a Satanist. People wonder if i mean it when i hope that the human race is exterminated soon. Wiped off the face of the cosmos before we get a chance to do to a billion worlds, an a quadrillion lifeforms, exactly what it is that we are good at doing.


Whatever joys and horrors beyond our current comprehension that the universe still has in store for us, i for one believe that it could never outdo our own abilities of cruelty and hypocrisy.


Think Vlad The Impaler meets George W. Bush. That’s how i see us. And you think THAT should be allowed to live? F.F.S. why?!


“Blind” by Becky-Boo

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Reach for the stars they said; always try to aim higher.

But they never said it would burn; those fuckers are on fire.

There’s a light at the end; even if the tunnel is long.

So I ran for that light; it was a fucking A-Bomb.

It very nearly killed me; I’m lucky to be alive.

But knowing my luck; I’ll be the only one to survive.


Fucking typical.

Lady Luck.

Always waiting.

To fuck my shit up.


When the dust settled; you were there.

You were so beautiful; I could only stand and stare.

Everything I dreamed of, my saving grace.

You held me so tightly and kissed the bruise on my face.

I fell to my knees; I looked in to your eyes.

I could see straight away you were gentle and wise.

You could help me get thru this; you could show me the way.

You could protect me and teach me; take my fears away.

And I could love you; I could take your pain.

I could heal you and guide you; because we are the same.

Your hands are burned too; we have the same scars.

We kept aiming higher; we both wanted the stars.

They’re up there for a reason; so let’s leave them alone,

I’m tired and dirty and I want to go home.

So we set off together; burnt hand in burnt hand.

To seek our joint fortune; in this now baron land.

Our destiny is out there; our path yet to find.

But the light was so bright; now the blind lead the blind.

We climb through the debris; and mountains of rubble.

A false sense of security; in our own little bubble.


I follow you.

You follow me.

I know what you know.

You see what I see.


Walking for days now; neither one of use knowing.

Where this is leading; unsure where we’re going.

I never questioned the way; why would I care?

It just felt ok; because you were there.

I trust you completely; with my life and my soul.

It wasn’t your fault; neither one of us saw the hole.


The hole in our vision.

The hole in the land.

The hole we walked in to.

The hole in our plan.

We fell down together; naive, unaware.

So blinded by each other; we didn’t even care.

Now we can’t get any deeper; into this hole.

No light at the end here; no stars we can hold.

But somehow it feels safer; not to try to improve.

Less change of failure; nothing to loose.

And you’re going nowhere.

So now nor am I.

Safe in our hole.

To grow old and die.


Star Wars VII shooting date & timeframe confirmed

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Originally posted on Sci-Fi Bulletin:

Star_Wars_Logo_svg Although there has been much speculation over the last few months, Disney has finally confirmed a few details regarding the next instalment in the Star Wars saga – but given that it is being helmed by J.J. Abrams, chances are that this will be pretty much all we hear for some time.

Talking to Disney’s annual shareholder meeting, Bob Iger confirmed that the movie will start shooting in London in May this year, with a release date of December 18, 2015. The as yet untitled seventh film will be set 30 years after Return of the Jedi (not so coincidentally the time that has elapsed in the real world), leading to expectations that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford will be returning to their iconic roles. However, the only definitely confirmed character is R2-D2 – although Iger noted that there will be “familiar faces including a trio of young…

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8-bit Music is Not Chipmusic: Amiga Doomcore

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I have written about Amiga music as chipmusic (or not) before . While it was on the Amiga that the term chipmusic was first used, the “soundchip” of the Amiga does not generate sounds but only copies (8-bit) data from RAM to audio out (although in a characteristic way, often lost in emulation).

From this post at, I found a label that released Amiga music on vinyl 1995-2000. Fifth Era released ten 12″ vinyls with what they call doomcore – “slow, morbid hardcore techno with pounding drum patterns & heavy links to early nineties european techno sounds” [update: 4 of them were only dubplates]. Most of their releases were untitled and contained no more info than the release number. To get the general idea, check this youtube-clip (and the rest at their channel).

This means that my timeline of chipmusic has increased its gap of releases in the…

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[Chase 060] – [Deep] Into The Abyss – 3xCd Free Compilation

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[Chase 060] – [Deep] Into The Abyss – 3xCD Electronic Compilation

After 9 years of dedication to free underground electronic music, I’ve reached to the decision that the time has come for Chase Records Netlabel to plunge into the depths of the Internet ocean, probably forever.

Yes, dear friends and listeners, you’ve guessed it, this means Chase Records will stops its activities with that 60th and LAST release.

But in any mean I could stop the label without putting all my efforts in trying to offer a last groundbreaking release. So, for this last session I’ve contacted various artists I love, from all around the world, to ask them to create / send a track they feel to be related with the theme of the abyss. I give them a white card to submit what could be their ideal soundtrack for a diving to the darkest depths of the ocean.

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A Short History of Hardcore Chipmusic | CHIPFLIP

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A Short History of Hardcore Chipmusic | CHIPFLIP.


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